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Molecular wave arrangement

Hydrogen Molecular  Therapeutic Application

Our Products

Hydrogen Capsule Icon

Pure Hydrogen Capsule

Hydrogen capsule is a safe long-term health supplement. 

Release 24 hours of hydrogen, B3, Vitamin C and other essential minerals to provide you with comprehensive healthy nutrition.

  1. Natural carrier (coral calcium)

  2. Release control for 24 hours

  3. Taiwan food and drug administration (TFDA) approval

  4. Made in Japan GMP factory

  5. Natural carrier (coral calcium)

  • Instructions
    Take 1-3 capsules every morning without food. Each package contains a 30-day supply. Created for long-term use in healthy adults.

  • Human Study
    Progressing in Taiwan medical centres and hospitals. 

  • Benefits
    Serve as an antioxidant. Clearing free radicals in the body. Supports cellular energy and metabolism.

  • Quality Assessment
    Taiwan Food and drug administration (TFDA) approval

  • Dietary
    Pure hydrogen capsule contains no artificial colors or flavors and is vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free.

  • Production
    Pure hydrogen capsule is manufactured in Japan GMP factory

Supplement Facts Table

Other Ingredients: Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Maltitol, Calicium Stearate

Hydrogen Drip Infusion Bag Generator Icon

Hydrogen Drip Infusion Bag Generator

Use a hydrogen drip infusion bag generator to fill your drip bag with hydrogen molecules within 20 minutes, and provide it for your customers.

Hydrogen Inspiratory Device Icon

Hydrogen Inspiratory Device

HoHo 1000 uses a novel technology to safely provide hydrogen supplements to customers.

With HOHO 1000 you'll receive:

99.995% Pure Hydrogen molecular.
1000 min/ml Long-term supplying Hydrogen gas.
Easy installation and operation.
Safety certification with the automatic power-off system.


Hydrogen Water Generator Icon

Hydrogen Water Generator

A small size machine let hydrogen become your daily health care. 

Only Taking 1% drinking water for electrolysis, hydrogen gas is generated via a proton exchange membrane and then mixed with the rest of 99% drinking water in high pressure.

1000~1200ppb hydrogen water is provided to you both daily hydrate and rich hydrogen to improve your health. 

Molecular arrangement

HoHo Biotech
Integrate With Your Business

Different applying scenarios such as hospitals, clinics, experience stations in pharmacy and home caren ect.

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