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At each step of product development, we commit to rigorous scientific research. To ensure the efficacy and safety evidence of our products, HOHO heavily invests in scientific research. We've established multiple preclinical and clinical trials in many research partnerships.

In the meantime, with the efforts of our experts in regulation areas, our products are approved by reliable purity and safety regulative institutions. This is a major differentiation between us and any other company selling hydrogen supplement products.


Why HoHo

Research & Development

Hydrogen studies in the lab.
Validation in clinical trials.

Programmer coding


We study our products in the preclinical trials to ensure the efficacy of hydrogen, and confirm the results in humans, so you can have products with scientific evidence.

Both preclinical and clinical trials are important to us. To provide rigorous scientific evidence, we cooperate with medical centres, universities, and research institutes to study the benefits of hydrogen in COPD, rheumatology, metabolism.

We also work with our scientific advisors to identify the better technology to elevate the products. Safety and efficacy tests will be done before entering the market.

Molecular arrangement

Our Mission

To unleash the therapeutical power of hydrogen.


Core value

Working directly with the world’s leading experts, scientists, and lawyers, we provide you with the correct novel therapeutics based on scientific evidence and safety certifications.

Board of Directors

  • Benson Wang, PMP
    -Chairman of the board

  • Frank L. Douglas, Ph.D., M.D.
    - Clinical Design (USA)

  • May Saunders, Ph.D., J.D.
    - Patent Lawyer (USA)

  • Liang-Miin Tsai, Ph.D., M.D.
    - Clinical Design (Taiwan)

  • Sonia Zou, Pharmacist
    - BD (Taiwan)

Management Team

  • Benson Wang - CEO

  • Alvin Liao - CTO

  • Toffee Tsou - Project Manager

  • Joe Lin - Regulation

  • Sonia Chou - BD

  • Jenny Yang - BD Adviser

Advisory Board

  • M.D. Lein-Ray Mo
    - Medical Center

  • M.D. Feng-Chen Liu
    - Medical Center

  • M.D. Min-Chung Shen
    - Regional Hospital

  • M.D. Po-Yao Huang
    - Medical Center

  • M.D. Jing-Wen Lin
    - Functional Medicine

Our Team

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